20150417_120504I graduated from high school in 1965 in Superior, Montana.  Then spent 3 years in the Army.  I later returned to Montana to work in the postal service in 1971 and have lived in Montana for over 50 years now.  I started my woodworking business in October of 2003 when I had the opportunity to purchase 300 PO box doors from the Billings Post Office.  Then I became a retired postal clerk in April of 2009 after 40 years of service.

The Post Office doors I work with at the present, have the following patent dates:  1866,1886,1892,1895,96,97,98,1906,1910,1920,1943 & 1960s .

I have made just over 13,000 banks to date.  Through the years, I have continually added different features to my banks.  One feature I am featuring is sinking silver dollars or half dollars on the top of my two larger size banks. I put silver half dollars on some of the small banks  I also have zinc pennies for the tops of the smaller 1943 ones and the minted dates on the coins match the date of the door patents.

I welcome custom orders.  You can choose the size of door, color of stain, coin and individual customized engraving.

I ship orders using USPS priority service only.